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Algo Trading 
with FX Genius 

In this "A-Z" course you will learn the fundamentals of Algo Trading using the FX Genius Suite of  Trading Tools designed to help you profit in the Forex Market day. 


The program takes place over four weeks where you will learn everything you need to know to get trading in the Forex Market with confidence.

Program Overview

Module 1 - What is the Forex Market and how does it work?

In your first week we'll review the apps and programs that are used to access the Forex Market and introduce you to the Thumb Money Method. A demonstration will be given to get you setup with your own Demo account so you can test it out for yourself risk free. ​

Learning Outcomes 

- Understand what the Forex Market is and how it works 

- Review which brokers are most suitable for Forex Trading and FX Genius

- Complete a hands on introduction to the software used to access the Forex Market

- Set up a demo account on your mobile device

- Establish a working understanding of the Thumb Money Method

- Set Goals for your first week of trading

Module 2 - FX Genius Setup and Introduction

In this session, you will receive step by step instructions to setup FX Genius on your PC or Cloud server. The features and functions of FX Genius will be reviewed and you will learn how to manage the miner using your mobile device. We'll introduce you to the free trading simulator that allows you to test FX Genius using historical data. By the end of this session, you'll be able to select a market opportunity to put your miner to work. 

Learning Outcomes. 

- FX Genius installation and setup 

- FX Genius features overview

- Introduction to simulation trading

- FX Genius trial run 

- Set trading goals for week 3

Module 3 - Identifying Market Opportunities

Learn how to read price charts to identify the best market opportunities to put your Bot to work. We'll go through basic steps to help you understand what price charts are and how to use them to help you find the best setups to extract profits. 

Learning Outcomes 

- Introduction to "TradingView" the world's leading market analysis platform

- Learn what price charts are and how they can help you (Non-Technical) 

- Learn basic market analysis techniques (Non-Technical) 

- Identify a minimum of three current market opportunities for your upcoming trading week 

- Set Goals for your second week of trading

Module 4 - Risk Management and Mitigation Techniques

In this final module, we'll review principles to help you safely navigate the Forex Markets. FX Genius has several risk management features that can help mitigate risk of excessive losses. We'll review several recovery techniques that will give you confidence to handle the times when things don't go as planned. 

Learning Outcomes

- Establish your own risk management plan

- Have a working understanding of how to minimize losses for unexpected market turns

- Understand when losses can be recovered and when they can't

- Improve confidence in trading and market knowledge

- Review use of miner trading in week 3 to address concerns

- Capstone Challenge

Bonus Add-Ons

- 1 Year License: FXG LITE, PRO, MAX & SafeGuard

- 4 Week Cloud Server Access

- 4 Weeks Remote Coaching 

- 2 x $10,000 Demo Accounts

12 Month Access to all Module Recordings 

Money Back Guarantee