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Algorithmic Trading  with FX Genius 

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Take your trading or investment strategy to the next level with Thumb Moneys Proprietary Algorithmic Trading Tools. 

The FX Genius series of algorithms are designed to extract profits from the Forex Market night and day on your home server or in the cloud.

01. Dynamic

Extract profits from the Forex Markets through a virtual cloud solution or on a home server. Our bots are easy to configure and can be used as a trading assistant or investment tool. 

02. Agile

Configure the algorithm using intuitive menu options to target the best opportunities in the Forex Markets using Meta Trader 4 which is the worlds most popular and accessible trading platform.

03. Proven Performance

We provide a profitable trading solution that has been tested across Currency, Metals and Crypto Markets. Read our popular blogs to learn more.

04. Safety Built In

Each Bot is built with safety in mind to protect your equity. Test our SafeGuard products which are specifically designed to secure your equity during major market moves.

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FX Genius

Our family of algorithmic bots can easily be installed on Meta Trader 4 which is the worlds most popular and accessible trading platform. 

Each FX Genius product is a dynamic trading tool that is configurable to trade the market so you don't have to spend hours in front of your computer, it does the work for you. 

FXG includes many safety features built in to protect your your equity and prevent sharp market moves from being a catastrophic event in your trading day. 

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