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Take part in a 4 week cohort "A-Z" Algo Trading course starting the 1st of each month where we give you the tools, training, and real world experience to profitably trade the Forex Market with confidence using your Mobile, Personal PC or Cloud Server.


Learn the fundamentals of the Forex Market and get introduced to the Thumb Money method which is a pillar to the Algo trading course. Gain hands on experience setting up a demo account with a broker on your Mobile Phone, Tablet,  or PC and get trading. 

Week 1


Setup FX Genius to get your Bot extracting profits on a demo account in the cloud. We provide you with your personal virtual machine to run the software uninterrupted 24/5. 

Week 2


Learn how to read price charts and identify the best market opportunities. Take what you have learnt and compete with your cohort in a friendly challenge to see who can finish the trading week with the most equity. 

Week 3


Making money in the Forex Market is easy, not giving your profits back to the market requires skill and training. We'll teach you tried and tested Risk Management strategies to help you safely navigate the Forex Markets and keep your hard earned profits..

Week 4

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Thumb Money is a Social Enterprise Project  created by Ryan Norris during the finals of the Regis University 2020 Innovation Challenge.  

Ryan's goal was to simplify his profitable Forex Trading technique so that anyone, from any background, could understand and apply it quickly and easily. Ryan's initial tests proved that his technique could be learned by someone with no experience in a few minutes.


During his research, Ryan realized that 95% of his trading was conducted on his Mobile Phone using his simple repeatable method which he later named the “Thumb Money Method." 

Today we offer the Thumb Money course so you can test it out Risk Free. Sign up today and try it out for yourself!

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