our method

We teach our clients a proven method to generate an income through a mobile app. 

The app is a portal that enables users to participate in the FOREX Market which is worlds largest and most liquid market with a daily volume of over $5 Billion. 

It can take weeks if not months to learn how to consistently profit form the FOREX Market. There are many education programs out there that are typically very complicated and expensive. 

Our method is affordable and simple and can be learned within a few minutes and mastered in a few days. The training we offer for a small monthly fee is guided, we help you along the way. 

Before you sign up you can take the course for FREE and test what you have learned in a DEMO Account which we provide at no cost.

Learning the method is only the first step to success!!

Coaching, Risk Management, and Advanced Recovery Strategies will speed up the learning curve and help you retain the profits you make.




The BIG QUESTION is how much money can I make using this method?


Many of our clients are able to consistently achieve a a return on their capital exceeding 20% in the first 3 months. This target is often met in half that time. The best proof of this statement is found in learning and applying the method which we offer to anyone globally at Zero cost and provide a free demo account to practice with.




Our success is measured by your success!


We provide:


-  Regular live sessions so you can access our coaches to help you perfect the techniques.

-  Global chat support through WhatsApp to answer your questions in the shortest time possible

-  A selection of current market opportunities to choose from you so don't have to analyze the market.


Our goal to to make this program Globally Accessible. To achieve this we provide the course for free with affordable membership plans once your ready to take the next step. We also offer easy international payment options to reduce the barriers that would typically shut many people out.

Experience the Power of Thumb Money for yourself!