See what returns are possible trading on your mobile device.

Updated: Jan 5

It's difficult to find a good trading program. Many are unaffordable, and end up costing you hundreds, or sometimes thousands of dollars, with no guarantee that you'll ever get a return on your investment.

At Thumb Money, we do things differently. We offer our course for free and if you want to test it out with us, then you can purchase a 3 month practice account for only $15.

Our trading technique is simple enough for anyone with or without experience in the Forex market to use, and it is designed specifically for mobile trading. So you can make a profit in the market anytime, and anywhere by spending just a few minutes each day using your internet-ready IOS or Android Device.

Are you curious? Check out the 6-month performance results from a small live account we've been trading using our simple "Thumb Money Method". This is just one example from one account, but it's a method that has been successfully duplicated over and over across multiple accounts and markets.

Key Highlights

  1. The win rate over 6 Months is 100% (52 Wins/ No Losses)

  2. The total return on equity is currently 56%

  3. The average return per trade is 0.75%

  4. A total of 30 mins was spent on mobile device to generate $131.5

  5. The expected return after 60 minutes is $263 (per/ hour)

This is the power of the Thumb Money Method.


This case study was purposely conducted on a small live trading account.

Many traders won't be impressed by making many small consistent profits because they expect to quickly trade in the market and hit that home run to make their millions. This is also the reason why 90% of traders fail or give up before experiencing any reasonable measure of success.

At Thumb Money, we specialize in helping our members to consistently profit while trading on small accounts to reduce their risk as they learn to navigate the market. The biggest mistake that so many new traders make is focusing on making money instead of developing their skills to become consistently profitable.

Author: Ryan Norris

xCaliber Trading Founder & Creator of the Thumb Money Method


- Past Performance is not an indicator future success.

- Forex Trading is high risk, only trade what you can afford to lose. Get educated.


A. 6 Month Performance Infographic

B. Data Analysis:

C. Raw Data: 6 Month Stats

TM 6 Month Perfromance Data 06.12.21
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