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Updated: Jan 8

In this post I'll review the data from the initial Pilot of Thumb Money FX Miner which is currently in BETA Testing. The results produced an 11% return over 9 trading days with a win rate of 224 of 225 trades.

1. FX Miner NZDCAD Key Stats

Above are the results of the FX Miners Performance after 9 trading days running 24Hrs. The Miner produced an 11% return on a $3000 account. The miner was stopped once it hit the specified exit target. Thumb Moneys FX Miner is designed to work in targeted markets which are primed for to extract profits from the market. No technical analysis or indicators are used in identifying target markets. No stop losses are used in the risk management strategy.

2. FX Mining Principles

The FX Miner is built on the Thumb Money Principles taught on our free online Mobile Trading Course. The purpose of the miner is to automate a Traders Workload as they apply the Thumb Money Method so that fewer opportunities are missed as Traders go about their day. The FX Miner also provides advanced settings to manage risk, for example a trader can set the miner to stop if the equity reaches a certain threshold. The FX miner is not a 100% hands off trading solution but is an advanced and effective miner that requires very light management and the right opportunity. As with the Thumb Money method it works in certain conditions not every condition.

3. The Market Opportunity

The below is an example of a text book opportunity which presented its self Dec 7th (Green Arrow). The price broke a support zone that had held for many months. As found in many different markets, once a major support level is broken the price typically bounces back to retest that level. Given the price action had remained above the support zone for such a long period of time I expected the price to remain below the support zone for a short period of time. My exit target (red arrow) was set at the next support level above that which had just been broken which occurred several days later.

4. FX Miner Trading Performance Review

The below stats illustrates the return of this opportunity. Given the opportunity had a high rate of return the FX Miner could have been configured to extract profits more aggressively. The following stats includes 13 EURUSD trades which were executed in error by the developer during an update of the Miner. This skewed the stats somewhat in the below illustrations however the EURUSD were removed from the trade report attached below.

5. Summary

The above is another use case for the FX Miner. As mentioned earlier the miner is not a set and forget robot but a tool to extract profits from the markets where opportunities present are present. Identifying opportunities is the secret sauce, not the miner. Fortunately there are an infinite number of opportunities across multiple markets that are primed for the miners to get to work. I currently have 7 miners working 24 hrs per trading day and will run more as soon as I'm able to upgrade my server.

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Author: Ryan Norris Creator of the Thumb Money Method


  1. FX Miner Data

Download CSV • 44KB

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