Introducing the Thumb Money FX Miner

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Have you ever wondered how AI can help your trading ? If the answer is yes then review the result of the pilot launch of Thumb Moneys FX Miner which is currently being tested for market launch.

1. FX Miner Key Stats (Week 1)

Above are the results of the FX Miners Performance after 1 week of running for a full week of trading on a isolated server. The Miner won over 90% of the executions during the 5 day period in which it ran day and night. The test was conducted on a Demo account of $1000 in which it achieved a 12% return.

2. FX Mining Principles

The FX Miner is built on the Thumb Money Principles taught on our free online Mobile Trading Course. The purpose of the miner is to automate a Traders Workload as they apply the Thumb Money Method so that fewer opportunities are missed as Traders go about their day. The FX Miner also provides advanced settings to manage risk, for example a trader can set the miner to stop if the equity reaches a certain threshold. The FX miner is not a 100% hands off trading solution but is an advanced and effective miner that requires very light management and the right opportunity. As with the Thumb Money method it works in certain conditions not every condition.

3. The Market Opportunity

The trial run was executed on a EURUSD on November, 22 2021. The conditions that made this opportunity ripe for the FX Miner is that it was executed after a big push down after a number of days. Long positions where set where the Miner would execute a long trade (buy) every 4 pips up or down with a 2 pip Take Profit. During the week 496 trades were executed however some were manual entered as well. As the the price rose back to the entry point the miner was disabled. The Miner continues to be tested on the EURUSD.

4. AI Trading Performance Review

The first chart below illustrates the reduction in equity as the EURUSD continued to dip and then return to a positive state once the price returned to the entry price point . The FX Miner basically scalps the market and makes small gains over hundreds of trades, hence the average win is $0.37


The initial test results of the FX Miner are at most encouraging. The Miner will be tested over longer periods to better assess its performance across multiple opportunities with during bigger swings in the market. New features are being added regularly and applicable test cases and scenarios identified. If you want to find out more please email

Author: Ryan Norris Creator of the Thumb Money Method

Click here : To view the FX Miners 5 week results.


  1. FX Miner Stats

Thumb Money FX Miner
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