THe Thumb Money  Challenge

We're looking for volunteers to participate in our new challenge to help spread the power of Thumb Money. 

Selected participants will receive 1 hr personal instructions via Zoom and a live account of up to $200. You keep all the profit and we take on all the risk and cover any losses. 

The Challenge could take anywhere from 1-4 weeks and will only require you to spend less than 10 minutes on your phone each day. 

Register your Interest by Signing Up for our Free Course.


- Participants must have an Android or IOS Device

- Be over 18 years of age

- Be able to check mobile up for a 2 minutes 3 times a day for up to a 4 weeks (Weekdays).

- Have high speed Internet connection (2mbps Minimum)

- Participants grant  xCaliber LTD the rights to use any material from the Challenge for Marketing purposes including but not limited to Youtube, Facebook etc.

If selected you will need to commit to the following:

- Give your best effort

- Spend 1hr via Zoom to get setup. 

- Check the provided app at least twice a day for up to 1 month (Weekdays Only)

- Apply the Thumb Money Method on the app as demonstrated. 

We the Thumb Money Crew commit to: 

- Give you all the support you need to be successful

- Let you do all the work under our mentorship

- Deposit your profits within 24hrs of completion of the target (Paypal, Bitcoin only)

- Cover any losses that you may incur on the account (Zero Risk to paticipants)


- After 4 Weeks we will payout any profits you have banked

- If your profits are less than $20 return we will cover the difference.