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Trader Challenge 

17-22 Jan 2021

Enter the Thumb Money Trader Challenge and earn up to $20 Dollars by completing the below steps.

1. Register below to receive competition demo account

2. Select an opportunity from the Thumb Money site

3. Start trading at the market open Sunday 17th January

4. Close all open positions by Market Close Friday 22nd January

Payout Terms

$2 - Open 4 orders $2 or more apart

$1 - Close all orders open orders by market close 22nd Jan

$2.00 - Close with more than 10% return on equity

$5.00 - Close with more than 20% return on equity

$5.00 - Entrant with second highest equity remaining

$10.00 - Entrant with highest remaining equity at market close


- Only members that have registered for the Free or Paid membership may enter

- Only Currency Pairs from the Thumb Money Market Opportunities page may be used

- When trading each order must be $2 or more apart from previous order

- No more than one Currency pairs may be traded during the competition.

- Only 0.01 lot sizes may be used.

- All positions need to be closed before the Market close on 22 January

Free Registration

Limited Spaces Available