Thumb Money is a straight FOREX trading method specifically designed for ease of use on mobile devices.


We'll teach you a simple formula to place trades on a mobile app, and we'll show you which currency pairs are primed to make a profit.   


No charts, No analysis, No Predicting the Markets 


We make it easy and fun to learn!

The Thumb Money Method

Our trading technique helps people all over the world to generate an income on a mobile device.

Through a mobile app users can access the FOREX Market which is worlds largest and most liquid market which has a daily volume of 5 Billon Dollars. We teach a basic systematic that we call the "Thumb Money Method" that will give you the confidence to participate and profit in the Forex Market. 

The "Thumb Money Method" can be learned within a few minutes and mastered in a few days. 

Our Story

Thumb Money is a Social Enterprise that was created by Ryan Norris during the finals of the 2020 Regis University Innovation Challenge.  

Ryan's goal was to simplify his profitable Forex Trading technique so that anyone, from any background, could understand and apply it quickly and easily. Ryan's initial tests proved that his technique could be learned by someone with no experience in a matter of days. During his research, Ryan realized that 95% of his trading was conducted on his Mobile Phone using his simple repeatable method which he later named the “Thumb Money Method."

Ryan went on to create pilot project to test the method with participants from all over the world who had little or no trading experience. The results were astounding. Some of the project's traders were able to pick up the method within days of their introductory session. Most were proficient within a week. Once they had sufficient understanding of the method, Ryan provided the traders who were consistently profitable with a live account for a further trial period of 4 weeks. Since the Innovation Challenge, the “Thumb Money Program” has continued to grow and evolve as we try to expand our learner base to include more diverse and expansive numbers of people wanting to venture into the world of Forex trading.  


To Empower People Around The World To Live An Abundant Life



the freedom of Making Money


How It works 

Our goal is to help you become a consistently profitable trader. To achieve this, review our course content, and test it out yourselfWe'll walk you through the set up of the app, and then we'll teach you our simple, easy to use technique to show how achievable it is to generate an income using our method. And the best part? All the basic videos to get you started are free!​

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"Thumb Money Method"


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Ready to move beyond the videos? If you want to try it out for yourself, then you can download the "Meta Trader 4" app from the Apple Or Google Play Store and purchase a Practice Account.





To Empower People Around The World To Live an Abundant Life

"Don’t hesitate to learn, it's fun once you have a couple profitable trades, you feel really good, its easy to learn and fun to do" 

  Owen, Colorado, USA

Owens Story

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